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2022 Is now fully booked, thank you so much!


Going forward into 2023, I will be scheduling in smaller windows instead of a full year, and there is

no longer  a waitlist. There may be a small transition period at the start of the year that pushes scheduling back, so spaces may be limited, if there are any available. 

2022 Waitlist Clients: 

If you are a client that submitted a waitlist form, you will have an email from me with an update.

Send me an email if you did not receive one. Subject: waitlist

New Clients / Appointments:

I will not be booking any new appointments until end of year or start of 2023 depending on availability.

Keep an eye out for "Books Open" this will be a brief period of time where I accept new appointments.

During this period you will submit a booking form, and I will be scheduling according to what projects will fit into the time slots I have available. ​There will be several rounds of Books Open throughout the year, larger pieces, existing projects and styles found on my instagram/portfolio will have priority and smaller-medium pieces will be scheduled around these. Please scroll to "Scheduling" for more information.

Updates will be made here and via my Instagram account @blair_tattoos.

Thank you all for the support and interest in collecting from me, it means so much!

Additional Information


1) Larger pieces start at 12pm

2) Medium pieces start at 12pm/5pm

3) Small pieces are scheduled at 5pm. Spaces for these are limited as I only book them a few times a week.



A $100 non-refundable deposit is required to book your appointments, this will be applied to the final session of  your tattoo.

My shop minimum is $150, the cost goes up according to size, detail, and location. 

Most pieces including cover-ups are the hourly rate of $150 with a two hour minimum.

Small pieces can usually be priced and do not fall under hourly depending on design.


You must be 18+ to be tattooed in CA


You must provide a valid and up to date state issued ID, drivers license or passport. 

No exceptions.

I do not have a cancellation list or a waitlist, please read above for the scheduling information thank you :)

Do you have a general question that can't be answered here? Email me directly! 

Please allow 2-3 weeks for a response, I'm a one woman show :)

Please view my portfolio before booking, as I do not do realistic / portrait styles. 

If you are scheduling for a cover-up,  I find the most success with color, if you prefer black and grey you can email me a photo with a few reference photos to see if it is something that would work before you schedule.