Send me an email for appointment information, booking, or to request a commission. Thank you! 

Blair Giambastiani

⭐ Booking Information ⭐

To book an appointment or request information please include in your message:

▪️  Days you're available 
▪️ Location of your tattoo including left or right side.
▪️ Size range in inches or larger pieces specify full sleeve / half sleeve etc.
▪️ Color, black and grey, or dot work.
▪️ Attach any reference pictures you may have of your ideas and let me know what you like about each one.
▪️ If you have tattoos in the area or this is a cover up/fix up, please attach a straight and clear photo of the body area.
Let me know your schedule, (days and times) so I can find you the soonest opening.If you are starting a larger project you will need to schedule an appointment starting at 12pm

⭐ Deposit Information ⭐

▪️ A $100.00 deposit is required which is NON-REFUNDABLE. 
▪️ This will be applied to the final session of your tattoo.
▪️ If you think you may need to reschedule, we require 48 hour notice. 
▪️ If you fail to show up for your appointment or cancel, your deposit will be void. 

⭐ Pay the Deposit ⭐ 

 ▪️ You can drop off cash any day 11am – 7pm to Napa Valley Tattoo CO (1525 Lincoln Ave, Napa)

▪️ I can send you an invoice to pay with a Mastercard / Visa

 ⭐ Pricing ⭐ 

Our shop minimum is $100, cost goes up depending on size, detail and location.
If you have a budget range in mind please let me know as I can try to design something to meet that,

or let you know a ballpark estimate.

By sending the deposit you understand all of the above.

Thank you so much and I look forward to working with you!


Shipping includes US only

Send me an email for appointment information, or to request a commission.

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