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Blair Giambastiani

Passion. Dedication. Quality.

Blair Tattoos is the culmination of over 13 years of hard work and dedication to the art of tattooing in which I have developed my skills to be able to work with a wide range of subject matter. I specialize in creating custom tattoos that are unique to each and every client as well as providing a personalized experience every visit. 

My goal is to create a piece of art that's tailored to fit each individual's body perfectly, based off their own ideas and inspirations as well as my own.

When you choose to work with me, I work with you!

Whatever your vision may be, I'm here to help bring it to life.

I am always excited to take on new ideas, concepts, and styles as my portfolio is always changing. I spend a lot of time researching your subject matter and looking for the best references help me tell your story.

With my passion for creating art, I strive to provide the highest quality of tattoos and a positive and safe atmosphere for my clients. 

My Station

Since 2023 I've incorporated eco-friendly practices into my station preparation. In the past, I heavily relied on single-use disposable items like plastics in my daily setups. However, I've transitioned to using more sustainable, eco-certified single-use disposable supplies where I can.

You will find high quality color pigments made in the USA which are vegan and cruelty free as well as a CBD enriched water based glide used during your tattoo session. This product offers a powerful antioxidant that encourages recovery for skin and you may even experience less soreness the following day after your appointment!

With an elaborate Omega profile, infused with hemp (CBD) and a special selected terpene profile, this product helps with pain relief, lessening of inflammation and irritation during your tattoo procedure.

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