Booking Information

I am now booked out for the year of 2021 (thanks you crazy kids!)

Please complete the 2022 Booking Request Form, link provided below:

My assistant Kyle send emails daily and you will hear from him as soon as we get to your name. 

How the booking process works

1) Please visit the link above to start your Booking Request.

2) My assistant Kyle will email you a Booking Form to complete. Here, you will fill in the information needed to create your custom design - so make sure to complete everything thoroughly, attach photos, and have a detailed description of what you are looking for as this will be Blair's main reference. If the description is missing information you will be asked to re-submit the form which may delay your booking.


3) Blair will personally review your submission and contact you via email to get you scheduled.

Please allow up to 2 weeks for her to respond as she schedules clients twice a week, usually mid-week.


4) You will go over dates that work best for your schedule and receive a deposit form to complete after finding a date that works for you. 


* Slots fill up quickly so make sure to get the information back in a timely manner after you find a date in order to secure it, days are not held until the deposit is paid. 


5) An invoice will be emailed to you upon which you have 24hrs to complete officially reserving your chosen date.


6) Finally, you will receive your Appointment Confirmation and be all set!


You must be 18+ to be tattooed - Due to limited space I ask that you arrive to your appointment alone. You must provided a valid and up to date state issued ID, drivers license or passport. No exceptions. 


Mandates have now changed allowing fully vaccinated clients and employees to operate without a mask.

All of our staff including myself are fully vaccinated.

My current policy still requires masking during the tattoo procedure but I do plan to relax this in the near future.

Single use disposable masks are available for your appointment and hand cleaning is available upon entry. 


A $100 non-refundable deposit is required to book your appointments, this will be applied to the final session of your tattoo.

My shop minimum is $100, the cost goes up according to size, detail, and location.

If you have a budget range in mind please let me know as I can try to design something to meet that or help you with a ballpark estimate.

Larger pieces are the hourly rate of $150.